ISO 3834 Welding Certification

The UNI EN ISO 3834 certification refers to welding quality requirements for the fusion of metals and is applied to all workshop welding operations. There are three levels of certification: elementary (part 4 of the standard), standard (part 3 of the standard), comprehensive (part 2 of the standard). In all three cases, UNI EN ISO 3834 serves to certify welding operations in terms of the “Quality” of the welding carried out. This is welding Certification. In this sense, it is a certification which will never replace Certification ISO 9001, but it can supplement it.
In Italy, standard UNI EN ISO 3834 has become even more significant after the Min. Decree of January 14, 2008 made it compulsory for companies. The decree states, in paragraph “in relation to the types of articles produced using welded joints.
Relative documentation:
  • Mod.7.5.4.Planning of welding activities
  • Mod.7.2.4 Technical review check list
  • Mod.7.5.1.B Check plan Before-During and After welding
  • Job order
  • Certified collation / metal casting certification
Even at the quotation stage, Certification UNI EN ISO 3834 and the level of applicability is requested by clients.

PDF ISO 3834 Certification ( 415 Kb )